Losing A Pet Is More Painful Than Most People Think

Any pet owners knows how amazing it is to be have a loyal and loving companion to spend your

days with. Pets are the perfect company. They are always happy to see you, their hearts are filled

with love and they are incredibly loyal to those who love them.


Whether you are gone for a few minutes or a few hours, when you arrive back home, your pet(s) are

always excited to see you. Pets are always there to cheer anyone up and are quick to offer a warm

hug and a bit of comfort when it’s needed.

Pets are amazing! However, this makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye when the time comes.

It’s far more painful than what many people think.

The fact that pets are so incredible and such a big part of their owners lives, makes it very difficult

when they  pass away.

No matter how you look at it, it’s still the loss of a best friend and a loved one. Losing a pet is, and

always will be, a traumatic and painful experience for all that are close to that pet. Many people

underestimate the pain felt after losing a dog, cat, parrot, or any other pet for that matter.

It’s for this reason that researchers decided to investigate the extent of sorrow and pain

that owners feel in the aftermath of losing their beloved pet.



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