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How To Start Your ketogenic Diet

I’ve had so many people ask me to please share “my secret” on

loosing 171lbs in 17 months. So here’s my suggestions. I hope it helps or inspires you. 👍🏼

1) Go on your phone and download the APP Carb manager… I set my goals of eating daily 70% fat

(avocado, nuts, coconut oil, butter- all natural fats) 25% protein (meat, eggs, cheese) and THE

HARD PART 5% Carbs. I use my carbs for green veggies and sometimes small amount of berries.

2) The first two weeks are tough you may go through the keto flu… you’re detoxing your body from

processed sugar and flour basically bad carbs. Hang in there!

3) I have BPC (bullet proof coffee) for breakfast and eat only lunch and dinner between 11:30-5:30.

It’s a 18 hour fast (IF) with a 6 hour eating window. I also drink 100oz or more of water per day.

4) You’ll find the following to be useful & needed… Himalayan pink rock salt, apple cider vinegar, mct

oil, lemon juice, pickle juice, and bone broth to name a few. I take a daily vitamin supplement. After

being on Keto for awhile your body tells you what supplements you may need.

5) Crucial must is to keep your Electrolytes up (potassium, magnesium, and sodium).

Here’s some Additional things that people have shared online on various sites. I agree with them so

thought I’d share. Fill free to add your suggestions for it may help others. Thanks for those who


a) Do research and watch youtube videos it helps.

b) Try and stay under 20 net carbs a day and moderate amount of meat and fat enough to keep you

satisfied. If you are hungry, eat. Not hungry? Dont eat.

c) Drink water. Watch your electrolytes.

d) No grains (bread, corn, rice, pasta etc.)

e) no sugar ZERO

f) fruit is limited to berries, lemons and Avacado.

g) No starchy veggies, no legumes (beans). Eat only vegetables grown above the ground. (Radish


h) Choose healthy fats. (no veg., corn, canola oils!)

I)Count all the carbs- But Keep it simple. Meat, good fats, green veg., & eggs 👍🏼



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